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Request a License

Running RemotiveBroker requires a valid hardware license. We offer a 30-day free evaluation license. For a commercial license, please refer to our pricing.

The license is tied to a single device on which the broker is running.

You can request and apply a license through RemotiveBrokerApp.

License and upgrading

If you are not connected to the internet, pay extra attention to the steps in the guide since you will need to switch back and forth between networks on your desktop.

  1. Press "Apply a new license to the broker," and you will see something like this.

    alt text

    Your email MUST be part of an organization with a license policy; otherwise, a 30-day trial version is created for you.

  2. Enter your email and press "Request License."

  3. Wait for the returning email and copy/paste the license phrase and press "Apply license."

  4. Under "License," it should now look something like this, and you are now ready to use your RemotiveBroker.

    alt text

    Your broker is ready for use.

What to do next?

Now it's time to configure the broker for your project and take a look at code samples to get inspired!