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RemotiveBroker is at the heart of our modern development environment for automotive engineers. It is a software ECU/cloud-connected logger that supports automotive protocols to read and write to all vehicle buses. It serves as a versatile developer tool for tasks such as prototyping new ECUs, driving verification by providing stimuli, and simulating parts of the vehicle architecture.

It is a headless software as it exposes APIs without a built-in UI. To complement this, we have created the RemotiveBrokerApp as its default graphical user interface companion.

For a high-level overview of what it empowers you to do, please visit our official product page.


Just curious and only need a first taste? We offer a cloud demo with recorded signal data. Get a first sense of the platform without logging in: Go to the demo in the cloud.

If you have questions regarding the platform, license cost, or if you have ideas on features you’d like to see, we'd love to talk with you.

Ready to dive deeper? Follow the guides below.

Scripted Signals

A scripted interface offers the ability to dynamically compute and generate signals using custom scripts. Scripted signals allows the RemotiveBroker to provide signals using VSS or signals intended for Android. It is also possible to provide custom aggregation or custom events as signals. Unlike signals statically described in a signal database, a scripted signal is generated on-the-fly according to the logic defined in a script. For more information see how to configure a scripted interface.