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Software update Guide

With each software update, we bring new capabilities and improvements to your RemotiveBroker. To enjoy the latest broker experience, we recommend that you regularly update it.

Update a RemotiveBox


  • First, make sure your device is plugged into the power source. Give it a few seconds to boot up.
  • Connect your device to the internet with a LAN cable.
  • Ensure the box is configured with a valid license.

Please note that connecting your computer to the device's Wi-Fi hotspot isn't enough for the purposes of performing an update because, while you'll be able to interact with the device, the device itself won't have access to the internet.


1. Open RemotiveBrokerApp

We will use RemotiveBrokerApp to initiate an update.

The easiest way to open the app is to use RemotiveCLI.

Run the remotive broker discover command to find brokers connected to your network.

➜  ~ remotive broker discover

Looking for RemotiveBrokers on your network, press Ctrl-C to exit...

[ RemotiveBroker GRPC on remotive-broker-office-1._remotivebroker._tcp.local. ]
RemotiveBrokerApp: http://fe80::96cc:5a4c:93f1:b2b0:8080
RemotiveBroker http://fe80::96cc:5a4c:93f1:b2b0:50051

If your broker doesn't appear on the list, ensure that it is connected to your network with a LAN cable and that your computer is also connected to the same network (either wirelessly or with a cable).

Open the app URL in a web browser.

2. Initiate the Update

To initiate the update, navigate to the About page.

About page before the update

When an update is available, the "Update" button will appear. Click on it to show the update dialog.

If you wish to update to the latest versions of the RemotiveBroker and the RemotiveBroker web application, simply click "Update".

Update dialog

The update will be initiated and within a few seconds, a notification will appear instructing you to wait. The update will be completed within a couple of minutes. Refresh the window and wait for the RemotiveBroker to become reachable again

Update in progress screen

Congratulations! It's time to enjoy the latest RemotiveBroker experience. 🎉

Update a RemotiveBroker in RemotiveCloud

With RemotiveCloud, you will always automatically utilize the latest version of the RemotiveBroker web application. The version of RemotiveBroker you have is determined by its creation date. To obtain the most recent version of RemotiveBroker, you must delete the older instance.

  1. Navigate to "Brokers" page

    Update in progress screen

  2. Click the trash can icon on the RemotiveBroker you want to delete

    Update in progress screen

Personal RemotiveBroker

This is the RemotiveBroker type that you are automatically using unless you explicitly state that you want to use another RemotiveBroker. Updating your personal RemotiveBroker simply means that you delete your current personal RemotiveBroker and let us create a new one. The next time you play a recording, we will automatically create a new one with the latest RemotiveBroker version available.

Explicitly created RemotiveBroker

If you explicitly created a new RemotiveBroker you will have to delete that current RemotiveBroker using the steps above. When creating the new RemotiveBroker you can re-use to old name to keep the same endpoint, but your API-Key will be different.

Update a RemotiveBroker w/ Docker compose

If you are using the remotivebroker-bootstrap repo to start your RemotiveBroker and/or RemotiveBroker web application you will be running with the latest docker images whenever you run docker compose up. To change the version that is run you can modify the docker-compose.yml file. Check out the snippets below if you need help.

RemotiveBroker web application

restart: always
stdin_open: true
--> image: remotivelabs/remotive-web-app:${REMOTIVEWEBAPP_TAG:-latest}
- "${CONFIG_FOLDER:-./configuration}:/service_client/configuration"


tty: true
restart: always
--> image: remotivelabs/remotivebroker-server:${REMOTIVEBROKER_TAG:-latest}
network_mode: "host"