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Migrate from API-keys to access token

For security reasons we are replacing API-keys used to access cloud brokers with personal access tokens. These tokens are personal and must not be distributed.


Using RemotiveCLI may simplify your life when working with personal access tokens but it is not required

Make sure to read how to create your access token how to create your access token

You should now have downloaded your token file, use the following commands to see what it looks like.

View contents with cli
remotive cloud auth tokens describe --file personal-token-{TOKEN_ID}.json | jq .
View contents without cli
cat ~/.config/.remotive/personal-token-{TOKEN_ID}.json | jq .

Should result in something like this where the token attribute is the actual secret.

"expires": "2033-09-12",
"token": "92B56F9C-A5869F38-F24DEBD2-09DFB027-3C760E73-243F3949-63ED57FF-E90A95C1",
"created": "2023-09-12T07:02:34.521Z",
"name": "EB39AFB2492D6D94"

It is highly discouraged to use this token in code or in anyway let it leave your personal computer. To use this is code you should make sure that you can use this token without hardcoding it into your program. Use environment variables, config file or similar so that the user who is running the code can supply her personal token.

export remotive_cloud_secret_token=92B56F9C-A5869F38-F24DEBD2-09DFB027-3C760E73-243F3949-63ED57FF-E90A95C1

export remotive_cloud_secret_token=$(remotive cloud auth print-access-token)