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We will try to fill this page with good samples for cli usage moving forward.

Play recording on broker in demo

Start our demo recording and automatically open the broker-app
set -e

remotive cloud auth login

echo Please choose a brokername
read -r brokername

echo Preparing recording, starting broker "$brokername" if not exists...
remotive cloud recordings mount 13303517729834103000 --broker "$brokername" --ensure-broker-started --project demo
json=$(remotive cloud brokers describe $brokername --project demo)

broker_url=$(echo "$json" | jq --raw-output '.url')
api_key=$(echo "$json" | jq --raw-output '.keys[0]')

open "$api_key&broker=$broker_url"

Start and stop cloud broker

Simple script that starts a broker, extracts its url and api-key and then lists available signals on it and finally shuts it down.

Replace my-organisation and my-project with your own.
#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -e

export REMOTIVE_CLOUD_ORGANISATION=my-organisation
export REMOTIVE_CLOUD_PROJECT=my-project

export BROKER_NAME=my-broker

# If you already logged on you can omit this
remotive cloud auth login

remotive cloud brokers create "$BROKER_NAME"

# Use jq can be used to extract fields from the result
broker_details=$(remotive cloud brokers describe $BROKER_NAME)
broker_name="$(echo "$broker_details" | jq --raw-output .name)"
broker_url="$(echo "$broker_details" | jq --raw-output .url)"
echo "$broker_url"
for key in $(echo "${broker_details}" | jq -r '.keys[]'); do
echo "Broker $broker_name has API-KEY: $key"
the_key=$(echo "$broker_details" | jq -r '.keys[0]')
echo "$the_key"

# List available signals
remotive broker signals signal-names --url "$broker_url" --api-key "$the_key" | jq .

# Stop broker
#echo "Stopping broker $broker_name"
remotive cloud brokers delete "$broker_name"

remotive broker discover

When a broker device, like RemotiveBox, is connected to your network with a LAN cable, the device is assigned a random IP address.

The command enables easy discovery of broker devices connected on your network.

➜  ~ remotive broker discover

Looking for RemotiveBrokers on your network, press Ctrl-C to exit...

[ RemotiveBroker GRPC on remotive-broker-office-1._remotivebroker._tcp.local. ]

Above you see a box named remotive-broker-office-1.

Open in your browser to access the app or use to connect to the broker directly.

If your broker doesn't appear on the list, ensure that it is connected to your network with a LAN cable and that your computer is also connected to the same network (either wirelessly or with a LAN cable).